An experiential program is often only as good as its facilitators. ChallengeWorks is part of a network of experiential facilitators from all over Texas. Depending on your program's goals and needs, we will hire facilitators from around town and the state, that best suit your group.

Our facilitators include:

  • Bob Gantt is the program director of ChallengeWorks. He has a degree in Recreation and Parks Administration from Texas A&M University, as well as a certificate from Texas A&M as an outdoor education specialist. He is also certified as an experiential therapist, and a wilderness leader. Bob has worked in the Challenge Course field since 1990, and has experience facilitating a variety of groups, including corporate clients, teachers, psychiatric patients, and students. Bob began training facilitators in 1994 and was employed as a challenge course builder and inspector for 2 years in Colorado before returning home to Texas A&M.
  • Martha Muckleroy is an experienced teacher and challenge course facilitator with seven years of public school teaching and coaching experience. Her undergraduate degree is in business and she has owned and managed retail stores. Martha's Master of Education degree, her wealth of experience, and enthusiastic personality work well together to make her a fun and insightful facilitator.
  • Camille J. Bunting is the former director of the Outdoor Education Institute, and an associate professor emeritus in the Department of Health & Kinesiology. She has been an active professional in the field of outdoor education for the past 30 plus years, and brings a wealth of experience in group process to ChallengeWorks programs.

Contract Facilitators:

  • K.C. Ray - Master's in education, facilitator and Facebook page manager for ChallengeWorks
  • Tony Ray - Firefighter, paramedic, facilitator
  • Lorenza Phillips - Owner, In Sync, and retired outdoor education instructor from Austin
  • Byron Prestridge - Facilitator at several challenge courses and real estate agent
  • Pete O'Connor - Facilitator and teacher, Northeast ISD (San Antonio, TX)
  • Art Ortiz - Trainer and facilitator, Rope Works, Inc. (Austin, TX)