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Forty Korean cadets and one Korean officer who comprise the Korean ROTC Leadership Program (which operates in association with the Texas A&M Corp of Cadets) took to the Challengeworks array of obstacles and physical tests Wednesday afternoon. The group took part in exercises designed to foster teamwork, trust, courage and unity among the cadets, who will serve as officers in the Korean Military. (Courtesy B/CS Eagle)

ChallengeWorks programs are custom designed to meet the objectives of each group and are priced individually within guidelines established for the type of client organization. Additionally, we consider the resources allocated (facilitator time and expenses, site rental fees if any, special equipment, etc.) to provide the best possible program.

We collaborate with you to determine reasonable program objectives; if we feel ChallengeWorks would not meet your objectives, we would steer you in another direction. Because program objectives, time frames, and resources vary, our program prices vary as well. Please contact us to discuss program options for your organization.

To learn more about our program and to better assist you, please fill out the ChallengeWorks Program Inquiry Form. If you have any other questions please contact the ChallengeWorks Director.


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