Team Building Benefits

New Awareness

Awareness is the first step toward improving performance. ChallengeWorks can serve to heighten group members’ awareness of the critical concepts, processes, and attitudes necessary for organizational effectiveness. We can work within the organization’s present training and development approach to emphasize those ideas seen as most essential by your decision-makers. For example, if the concept of “continuous improvement” is fundamental to your organization’s present approach, ChallengeWorks facilitators will incorporate that philosophy into the activities and discussions of the program design. In this way, our programs can provide vivid, hands-on experiences that breathe life into the essential ideas important to your success. We provide “learnable moments” in which participants are motivated to understand feedback from each other and the facilitator.

String lifter activity

Stronger Relationships

As participants work together to address various challenges, as they listen to each other share insights, relationships are enriched, and positive norms are developed. In collaboration with you, we design programs that intentionally develop trust, communication, and understanding — of each other, group processes, and organizational goals. And participants have a lot of fun in the process. The longer the ChallengeWorks program, the more impacting the experience, and the deeper the learning. In addition, participants have created for themselves a foundation for continued examination of key issues. Thus, ChallengeWorks can be ideal for establishing (or re-establishing) positive group relationships, accelerating ongoing team-building efforts, and initiating new organizational relationships and processes.

Achieving Excellence

A ChallengeWorks program provides an ideal atmosphere for improving performance because it allows a safe climate for individuals to practice and refine the interactions that are most effective for them. Through the cycle of action followed by guided reflection, the experiential process helps individuals discover and commit to effective leadership and teamwork behaviors. Groups encounter a series of exciting challenge opportunities to safely practice and refine their actions according to the group’s identified goals. Finally, the ChallengeWorks facilitator helps groups commit to specific behaviors they want to bring back to their workplace.